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Ewart Gazzard




In 1983 I was introduced to the programs of the college by a concerned leader & quickly learnt all the tools and techniques on offer were immensely effective, practical and answered the questions I had been seeking my whole life. My career spans employment at university, in manufacturing, human resources, sales and marketing & running my own businesses. To be successful meant much study. I studied everything in all these fields and about how us Humans work, read all the books but now I know the resources of the college are worth more than anything I encountered previously.


Since 1983 more than 31 years ago I have been helping people from all walks of life understand themselves & their innate sensitivities. Training and working with people one on one, in groups, public lectures and promotions have been the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Many times with warmth in their hearts, young and old alike have commented of the dynamic changes that occur in their family & businesses after participating. We all seek inner peace happiness and calm, the tools and techniques of the College are effective and complete in achieving these.


Great businesses are the result of great people and successful administration. I have had the experience of facilitating and implementing programmes to streamline business success beyond the levels previously sought.


It has been an absolute delight, as a consultant, facilitator & educator, time and time again, to give people a “telescope” to see an even bigger picture, then put “wind in their sails” so their life gains even more momentum, meaning enjoyment and success.


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